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Track Income

You're diversified, so your dividends are coming from multiple sources. myDividends gives you a combined income snapshot for your annual, monthly, daily, and even hourly income, for your portfolio as a whole AND your individual holdings

Find Bargains

As dividend investors, we are always looking for bargains on reliable companies paying safe dividends. We want to buy when the price is low, and hold forever. The myDividends Market Bargains feature scans the top dividend companies and lets you know when they are on sale.

Watch Income Rise

myDividends will be your window into your passive income. Want to retire early? Instead of setting a target number, set a target cash-flow and use myDividends to gauge your progress, and watch your income rise.

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MyDividends is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy describes the privacy practices for our iOS apps published in the App Store. All information we collect is stored locally on your device and never sent to any external source. Any information provided by you is used to understand your needs and provide a better service. We only use the information you enter to personalize your user experience according to your interest, and to improve our products or services based on your needs. The Apps may contain links to other websites and apps of interest. We cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which you provide while visiting such places; such websites and apps are not governed by this privacy statement.
MyDividends does not collect any personal information from your use of our apps. If we have any of your personal information we will not knowingly sell or give it to anyone, except if lawfully subpoenaed to produce it, and then only after offering you a reasonable chance to challenge such subpoena if allowed by law.

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